07/28/17 – A Bittersweet Goodbye

Today’s TV

  • Boyband 1.6

It was Dione and DJ’s last day in the USA, and we wanted it to be relaxing. We’d pretty much been running around nonstop for the past two weeks, so we decided to end their vacation with a trip to the swimming pool.

Erica and I started our Friday like we usually did; we went to the animal shelter to volunteer. We were a little stressed about it because we were supposed to go swimming at 1:15 and we usually got out of volunteering at 12:45. When we were done volunteering, of course, there was traffic on the way to the swimming center. We were a little late, but we’d bought tickets beforehand, so it was fine. We were also stressed because, apparently, Nicole decided to come swimming, even though she told us we IMG_2374.PNGweren’t coming. We didn’t print out her ticket because we didn’t think she was coming. It was a good thing the lady at the door didn’t really check to see if we were who we said we were.

After swimming for a couple hours, we were all hungry. We showered and headed to Sushiland for lunch. DJ and Dione hadn’t been to a conveyor belt sushi place in the US, so we went there. Honestly, it was just close to the swimming center. We were there for a while just eating an talking. The restaurant had this deal where you can get free ice cream if you eat more than $15 worth of sushi. We didn’t realize that only one of us had to eat $15 worth, so we all ate a lot. When we were done eating our free ice cream, we paid and left the restaurant. Nicole wanted to take one last picture with DJ and Dione before they left, soIMG_1313.JPG we took a selfie.

We went home and DJ and Dione packed their stuff. We also played Mario Kart with them one last time. There wasn’t much else for us to do with so little time, so we just hung out at our house.

Late at night, we had to take DJ and Dione to their airport. Their flight back to the Philippines was at 2 am. We took a selfie at the airport because my dad wanted to. It was a bittersweet goodbye. I don’t say that because I don’t love them. It was only slightly sweet because, finally, I could relax. Having them stay at our house was super fun and I wouldn’t have had it any other way, but I felt so stressed and high-strung most of the time. My family’s not the most decisive group of people, so planning was a bit of a pain. I’m really happy they came, though, because we hadn’t seen them in so long. I actually really miss them. On the bright side, Erica recorded Dione saying a bunch of phrases, so it seems like she’s here all the time.


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