07/29/17 – We Almost Left Him at the Tacoma Dome

Today’s TV

  • Arrow 3.8, 3.9, 3.10, 3.11, 3.12

I had a hard time sleeping because I knew that, later, Erica and I were going to an Ed Sheeran concert with our friends! I was also a little nervous because the concert was an hour away from our house, and I had to drive us there.

Erica and I didn’t have anything to do in the morning, so we sat on the couch and watched Arrow. I didn’t really want to do anything because I knew that the rest of the day was going to be busy.

At around 3, we left our house to go pick up my friend, Adam. We were slightly concerned because he didn’t answer the door right away when Erica rang the doorbell, Image-1 (38).jpgbut he came out eventually. After picking him up, we picked up Erica’s friend, Emma. Adam wanted to surprise Emma when she got in the car, so he climbed over the backseats into the trunk. Emma got in the car and was really confused because she was expecting Adam to be sitting there. Then, he jumped out and scared us all a little. After that, we were off.

We left super early because we wanted to stop at Sonic before the concert. One of Erica’s other friends was going to the concert too, and she asked why we left so early. I’m pretty sure she got stuck in more traffic that we did, so leave early, people!!! After around an hour or so of listening to Ed Sheeran in the car and getting stuck in patched of traffic, we got to Sonic. I wanted to go there because I’d never been there before and Emma was super excited to get a slushie. Erica got a grilled cheese and an Oreo shake while I got mozzarella sticks and a mango slushie. Emma drank her slushie really fast and, before we left, she bought another one.

When we were done eating, I drove us to the Tacoma Dome. There was traffic when we got really close, and, since all our windows were down, this car pulled up next to us and asked who was playing at the Tacoma Dome. I don’t know what Adam was thinking, but he just kind of screamed, “I don’t know.” The girls in the car were really confused and ended up asking other people on the street. Not knowing whose concert we were at became our joke for the entire duration of the concert.

We parked pretty close to the Tacoma Dome and had to pay an arm and a leg to park. It was definitely worth it, though, because we didn’t have to walk very far. We went in and got in line to buy shirts. The crowd in front of the merchandise stand was huge, but Erica and I are pretty aggressive when it comes to not letting anyone in front of us in line. Erica and I bought our stuff first, and then we waited by the doors for Adam and Emma to be done. There were these people who bought fake tickets, and I felt really bad for them. But then, the lady said that she bought them from Ticketmaster and was surprised they were fake. That sounded really fake to me; it seemed like she didn’t want to admit that she bought it off some other site.

Anyway, when we all had our stuff, we took a quick bathroom break before going to our seats. We were still early, so we got to see James Blunt open for Ed Sheeran. At this point, Emma’s stomach started hurting. It’s probably because she had two slushies before the Image-1 (39).jpgconcert. When Ed Sheeran finally came out, the entire stadium was so loud. Erica and I had seen him before, so we weren’t quite as excited as Adam and Emma were, but we were still excited.

When the concert was over, we walked around the Tacoma Dome asking whose concert we were at. I kind of felt bad for the people around us, but, really, we’ll never see those people again. We got to our car, and there was so much traffic getting out of the parking lot. It took around 45 minutes just to get out of the lot. Adam is not that great at sitting still, so he was running around the parking lot. We almost left him at the Tacoma Dome. I told him he couldn’t get back into the car unless he came in through the window; I didn’t actually expect him to do it. We were about to leave the lot, and he ran to the car and jumped through the open window. People probably thought we were all drunk; we’re just weird.

We stopped by Sonic one more time to get slushies, mostly because I needed sugar on the drive home. The drive home was pretty uneventful, other than the fact that this car cut me off when there were no other cars on the road. I don’t know if he was trying to race, but I sped around his car in my mom-car RAV4, and he got really mad. I was just salty because he didn’t have to cut me off on an empty road.

I dropped Emma and Adam off at their houses, then drove home. Erica and I were really tired. We told our mom, who waited up for us, that we probably weren’t going to go to church in the morning. Considering that we got home at around 1 am, I think she understood.


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