08/01/17 – Tamagotchi Corner Shop

Today’s TV

  • Arrow 3.20, 3.21, 3.22, 3.23, 4.1

Erica and I were a little bit salty because we woke up early to leave for Sun River, but we didn’t actually end up leaving until later. We didn’t want to leave way earlier than Marymar and her family, so we had to wait until they were almost ready to leave before leaving from our house.

The car ride was mostly uneventful. We stopped at a few rest stops, but for the most part Image-1 (46).jpgwe were just driving. Erica and I played Tamagotchi Corner Shop on our old DS Lites because we’d just found them in our rooms a few days beforehand.

After about 3 hours of driving, we stopped at an old family friend’s house. We hadn’t seen them in a long time. Marymar and her family met us there, and we all had lunch. We had sandwiches, pork, salad, and fruit. Ryan and Rory had never met Imelda before, so they were a little wary, but they made themselves comfortable in her home.

When we were done eating and chatting, we left their house to keep driving to Sun River. In a short 3 hours, we were there. We struggled to get the lock box open, but, eventually, we got in the house. Erica and I had a plan for sharing rooms, but my mom wanted a Image-1 (45).jpgdifferent room than the one we were thinking, so we had to re-plan.

We had brought a lot of food to the house, but we still wanted to go to Walmart to look for some more things. As we were running errands, Ryan and Rory got into taking pictures on Erica’s and my phone. They would have us take a picture of them with a Snapchat filter, then they would type out random letters and draw on their pictures. I don’t really know why it was so amusing to them because they were just typing in random letters, but they’re 6, so they’re easily amused.

After running errands, we went back to the house to make dinner. We didn’t do anything else for the rest of the night because we were all tired from the drive. I don’t remember, but Ryan and Rory may have gone in the hot tub. I don’t know why, but they really love hot tubs.


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