08/02/17 – I Pulled Her in With Me

Today’s TV

  • Arrow 4.2

We all woke up at around 9 am and had breakfast together. Whenever we all go on vacation, every meal is so extra. There’s always at least two types of protein and a ton of sides, even for breakfast. Of course, there are always leftovers.

There weren’t any plans for the beginning of the day, so Marymar, my dad, Ryan, Rory, and I went on a bike ride to the marina nearby. Well, nearby is relative because it took a short time to drive there, but it took us over twenty minutes to bike there. Erica didn’t come because she can’t ride a bike. Mike picked us up at the marina because we were too lazy to bike back to the house.

My parents wanted to go tour a lava cave nearby, so we all decided to go. Erica wasn’t happy about it because she really hates hiking or anything resembling hiking. We struggled to find parking because there were actually so many people there. Luckily, we got there right as the information session was starting. After listening to the worker tell us about the cave, my mom, Marymar, and Marymar’s mom decided that they didn’t want to go. They were just going to wait for us for an hour or so.

The rest of us went into the cave, and I was really happy because it was a comfortable 65 degrees in there. I saw a lot of people wearing sweatshirts, but I didn’t think it was cold. Erica really wasn’t happy with walking, so she headed back up after we took a couple Image-1 (47).jpgpictures. Rory had fallen down a couple of times already, so she wanted to go back up too. We kept walking until we got to a decline. Mike didn’t want to keep going because he was wearing flip-flops, so he just waited there for us. He didn’t have a flashlight, so he couldn’t go back up alone.

Marymar’s brother, Patrick, and Ryan were walking ahead, while my dad and I followed behind them. The ground in the cave was actually pretty flat; it was just dark. Ryan had a lot of fun climbing on and jumping off rocks in the cave. The cave was about a mile long, so it took us around thirty minutes to walk one way. When we finally made it to the end, Image-1 (51).jpgthere was just a sign with a stop sign printed on it. Naturally, we took a picture with it.

When we finally got back to the cave opening, my dad got a text from my mom. They’d gone shopping because they were bored. So, we met up with them at some shops nearby. We needed water shoes for a raft ride we were doing later in the day, so they bought a pair for all of us. But, they forgot to buy a pair for Patrick, so we had to go buy some. While everyone else went home, Marymar, Erica, Patrick, and I went to buy him shoes. We also stopped at Sonic on the way home. I really wish there was a Sonic closer to my house because I really like slushies.

Lunch was ready by the time we got back to the house. My parents decided that Image-1 (48).jpgwe should eat outside, so we ate our burgers in the shade outside. There was an awkward amount of time between when we came home and when we had to leave for the raft ride, so we didn’t really do anything. We mostly just hung out outside and listened to Mikey Bustos’ parodies. Eventually, Erica and I went inside and played Go Fish with Ryan and Rory. Soon, we had to change into our swimsuits to get ready for the raft ride.

When we got to the marina, there were a ton of people already there. We were also there early, so we had to wait a while to actually go on the rafts. We got on a bus to get to the launch point. There were ten of us and only eight people fit in a boat, so we split up. We Image-1 (50).jpgwere really struggling to paddle our boat because my mom wasn’t really helping that much. Eventually, we just floated down the river. Rory wanted to jump in, so we let her. She also tried to trick me into jumping in withouth her, but I pulled her in with me. The raft ride was really relaxing, but it got a little cold at the end because the sun was going down.

After we got back to shore, we had s’mores. Erica was so excited; if you haven’t noticed in my past posts, she really loves s’mores. When we were done with our dessert, we headed home. We didn’t really do much there because everyone was tired. Everyone went to bed early, but I wasn’t that tired. So, I watched an episode of Arrow before bed because I didn’t really know what else to do.




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