08/03/17 – We Love Puzzles

Today’s TV

  • Nothing!

We didn’t have anything planned for today, except for going to the water park nearby. Ryan and Rory were super excited to go down the water slides and to swim in the different pools. They love swimming, and it’s a really good way for them to let out their energy.

Of course, we all had breakfast together and took a bit to get ready to go. When we got there, we found some chairs and put sunscreen on. The water park had an outdoor pool, Image-1 (54).jpgan indoor pool, some water slides, and a toddler water park. It was fun going down all the water slides and playing with Ryan and Rory, but Erica and I got tired of it pretty fast. We did spend a lot of time in the outdoor pool, though. We watched children fight over the inflatables that were in the pool. We also posed for a picture in which Erica is Michael Phelps.

A little after noon, we all had lunch. We weren’t allowed to bring food into the water park, so we left out food in the car in a cooler. We found a shaded area outside where we could eat. We had turkey sandwiches and chips. After we ate, Erica and I were really tired. Being out in the sun was making us tired. We swam for a little bit more before leaving with our parents, Patrick, and Marymar’s mom.

We left to go home and change, but after my parents, Erica, and I had showered and rested a little, we went to go get ice cream. We went to an ice cream store in a plaza and there were a lot of people there. Erica and I got mint chocolate chip ice cream, and we Image-1 (55).jpgstayed in the store for a bit because it was cooler in there. When we were done, we walked around and went into other shops. The only thing we bought was a cat puzzle from a toy store. Erica and I were super excited to go back home and do it. We love puzzles.

After shopping, we went back to the house. Marmar and her family weren’t back yet from the water park. Erica and I started out puzzle while our parents started dinner. When Marymar finally got back, she told us that the only reason they were back was because someone pooped in the pool. Ryan and Rory didn’t want to leave the water park. We all ate dinner together before doing our own things. Erica and I did our puzzle, while everyone else was watching TV.



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