08/05/17 – Gnarly Carnage

Today’s TV

  • Nothing!

Whitewater rafting was the one thing that we really wanted to do in Sun River. Marymar let Ryan and Rory watch a video of whitewater rafting, and they got scared, so they didn’t come with us. Mike took them to the water park instead while Marymar, Patrick, my dad, Erica, and I went whitewater rafting. I don’t even know what my mom and Marymar’s mom did while we were all gone.

The five of us made our way to the river rafting place to check in. The actual river was 40 minutes away from there, so we all had to get in a bus. Since I left my glasses in the car, I fell asleep in the car. Well, I usually sleep in cars, but not being able to see well definitely made me fall asleep faster.

We finally got there, and we were excited to get on the raft. We got our life jackets and 828d2dce-5f27-4389-9f40-3bc3ea93e5ee_2826d4d6-dc49-40eb-a9c0-a8c18a7d6a78_m.jpgour paddles and waited for a guide. When we finally launched, we were the first boat out. Our guide, Ben, was telling us about all of his river rafting experiences. He kept talking about the gnarly carnage that whitewater rafting could be. We went through a few patches of smaller rapids before getting to more still water. During one of the smaller rapids, Ben had Erica sit at the front of the boat and the rest of us sit at the back. She was so high in the air that people from other boats were commenting on it.

After rafting down a relatively calm river, we stopped at the side of the river to look at the large rapids that were coming up. We took pictures there before getting back on the Image-1 (62).jpgwater. Rafting through the rapids was actually so fun! We were the first boat down again, so we got to watch other boats go through. Ben wanted Erica and I to play a trust game, but we really didn’t want to. He kind of forced us into it and ended up pushing us into the water. Soon after, we docked the boat and had to get back on the bus. I thought that the time on the water was going to be longer, but it was still fun.

When we got back to where our car was, we decided to go get something cold because we were so warm. We got shaved ice with ice cream and condensed milk on top. It was so good; I got mango pineapple and Erica got pineapple orange. We walked around and ate our snow-capped Image-1 (63).jpgshaved ice before heading back to the house. Erica, of course, dropped some of her shaved ice on the floor of the van, but it melted really quickly.

Our last dinner in Sun River was pretty much just us eating leftovers. We always have so many leftovers; we even usually end up throwing food out. After dinner, Erica and I wanted to play board games. We brought a bunch of board games, but hadn’t really played them. So, we got Mike and Marymar to play Ticket to Ride with us. I vaguely remember beating Mike by one point. Board games are the one thing that I’m actually pretty competitive about. I like to win. I don’t know why because there are like no stakes in board games; I guess I just think they’re fun.



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