08/06/17 – A Long Ride Home

Today’s TV

  • Arrow 4.3, 4.4, 4.5, 4.6, 4.7, 4.8, 4.9

In the morning, we were busy tryning to pack all of our stuff so that we could head home. Like usual, we had to throw away some food because we had cooked too much throughout the trip. Eventually, we left the house to go eat brunch.

We got to the place that we wanted to eat brunch at, but there were so many people Image-1 (66).jpgthere. After struggling to find parking, we had to wait to be seated for a while. Marymar’s mom was happy, though, because they were giving away free cinnamon roll bites. When we were finally seated, we still had to decide what we wanted to order. Erica and I did what we usually do and ordered two dishes to share. We got lemon ricotta pancakes and Eggs Benedict. We also shared an Arnold Palmer. Rory didn’t want to order anything, but Marymar ordered her smiley face pancakes just in case. Rory had been pretty fussy about eating recently, and there wasn’t really a reason why.

After we were done eating, Erica and I needed to go to the bathroom. The bathroom was weird because it was a sitting room and a single bathroom, so we had to wait a long time before actually getting to use the bathroom.

Brunch was over, and we all set off on a long ride home. I watched Arrow for half of the time we were driving and slept for the other half. We stopped at a couple rest stops and saw Ryan, Rory, and their family at the rest stops, but, eventually, they had to take more stops, so we didn’t see them anymore.

When we were close to home, my dad decided that we should eat dinner at a dim sum restaurant. We walked into the restaurant and it was freezing. I actually had to go back to the car and change out of shorts and into pants because I was so cold. We had a nice family dinner before piling back into the car and driving home. I feel like every time we go on vacation, we get back home and are more tired than when we left. I’m glad we went, though, because we’d never been to Sun River before, but I think we made a lot out of our time there.


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