08/11/17 – They Definitely Weren’t Damaged

Today’s TV

  • Raven’s Home 1.2
  • K.C. Undercover 3.6
  • Snap Decision 1.1

Erica and I started this Friday like every other Friday. We volunteered at the animal shelter at 10 am. I was starting to get a little sad because it was almost time to stop volunteering at the shelter. I just love cats so much.

After volunteering, we headed home. Erica had violin at 3:15 and I was working for Instacart at 3, so we ate lunch and watched a little bit of TV before leaving.

I drove Erica to her violin teacher’s house then headed to Whole Foods. I wasn’t really happy with the order I was given, considering I had to drive 20 minutes away to deliver it. It was around the time that traffic picks up, so that was a pain. I find all the groceries easily, but the lady that’s checking out the groceries was so slow. Because she was slow and because of the traffic, I delivered the order a tiny bit late. I also had to drive all the way back to Erica’s violin teacher’s house where she was waiting for me. I was late then too.

Because I didn’t have any other orders, Erica and I went to the mall. She wanted to find new jeans, so we went to JCPenney. She bought some jeggings and then we had to go back to Whole Foods because I had another order. This one took a while because I couldn’t find grape leaves. When we finally drove to the customer’s apartments, we couldn’t figure out where she lived. There were so many apartment buildings and she wasn’t very clear on which one to go to. Eventually, I just texted her. Also, she said the limes I gave her were damaged, but they definitely weren’t damaged.

After that order, we went home. Erica was surprised because she didn’t realize that the customer’s house was pretty much right off of a road that takes us back to our house. She was confused for the whole ride home.

When we got home, we ate dinner with our parents. My dad was complaining about the price of the jeggings Erica bought because his pants are cheaper. The rest of the night was pretty calm; we didn’t really do anything.


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