08/12/17 – I Didn’t Expect a Satanic Ritual

Today’s TV

  • Parks and Recreation 3.16, 4.1

I was super excited when I woke up in the morning because we were going to an escape room! I woke up at around 10 and was bouncing around until we had to leave.

At around 11, Beth came to our house to carpool. Beth was Erica’s 8th grade teacher, but also, she’s our friend! She pulled up to our house in her yellow beetle car, and we all piled into my car. I drove us to Aaron’s house because he is a young child who can’t drive. Aaron is Erica’s friend from school and also the brother of my friend, Alex. We got to his house at around 11:15 and left for Seattle after he got in the car.

We also had to pick up Erica’s friend, Ella, in Seattle. She was at a walk with her family, Image-1 (74).jpgso we had to maneuver through the parking lot to pick her up. There actually wasn’t that much traffic on the way there. It’s probably because Google Maps took us through backroads and not on the highway. When we finally got to the park, Ella texted us to tell us to park next to the “Seahawks cars.” We weren’t sure what she meant, but when we got close, there were cars covered in blue and green and Seahawks stickers and flags. I still don’t even know why.

When Ella was in the car, we checked how long it would take to get to the escape room. We were still early, so we decided to go to Molly Moon’s for ice cream. We were actually planning on going after the escape room, but we had time to kill. I got blueberry cheesecake and earl grey ice cream. I usually eat really slow, but I had to try to eat fast because we had to go soon. Surprisingly, I wasn’t last to finish!

At around 12:40, we got a text from Alex saying that he was close to the escape room. That was a problem because we were still eating ice cream. We piled in the car and sped to where the escape room was. We struggled a little to find parking, but it turned out okay. I had to back the car into the parking lot, which worried me a little, but I actually parked straight. I paid for parking and we headed to the escape room.

We quickly went to the bathroom before starting the puzzle room because none of us wanted to leave in the middle to pee. The description of the escape room said that we were to be helping a magician’s assistant who was afraid that she was going to be killed after her 13th performance. So, during the performance, we had to go figure out what happened to the old assistants. We were pretty efficient at solving the puzzles, even though some of them were a little counterintuitive. We worked together really well and unlocked the vanishing cabinet to reveal another room. I don’t want to give away many details, but I didn’t expect a satanic ritual. We got out with around 15 minutes of time left. I really liked that escape room; they used a cell phone to give us hints if we were stuck. I’d never seen that before, so that was cool! We took a picture and left the building.

Alex didn’t want to illegally pile into my car, so he left, and we had to decide what to do next. We decided to go to the mall because Beth wanted to buy candy at Lolli & Pops. While we were on our way there, though, Ella’s parents texted us saying that she needed Image-1 (75).jpgto come home soon. So, we decided to go to the mall, but not stay very long. We bought candy and went to Boxlunch. Beth also went to Bath and Body Works.

We were home by around 4. I dropped Beth off at our house before dropping Ella off at her house, which is a street and a half away. We stopped at her house to look at her artwork from art camp. I felt really bad because her professor ruined her and a lot of other students’ paintings because he wanted his aesthetic in it. She was so sad about it, and that made me really sad for her. Eventually, I went back home with Erica and Aaron.

My parents were going to a memorial service, so we were on our own for food. First, we made Red Lobster bread because Aaron loves it. While it was baking, we played Machi Koro because we all love board image-1-76.jpggames. We played a few rounds and ate our Red Lobster bread. At some point, we had to make dinner. Aaron’s parents had called him and told him that they were going out to dinner without him. So, we decided to make pretzel crusted chicken because it’s one of the few things that Erica and I can make. While I was frying the chicken, Erica and Aaron turned on Parks and Rec.

When I was done cooking the chicken, we plated our plated because we’re really extra. We ate our food while watching TV. We hung out for a bit more, but, soon, we had to take Aaron home. Erica and I drove hime back to his house, and we were unsure if his parents were home or not. Then, Erica and I drove home. We were tired because of the busy day, classic.



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