07/27/17 – She Was Actually the Fastest

Today’s TV

  • MasterChef 8.5, 8.6

  • Hollywood Game Night

  • World of Dance 1.8

  • Boyband 1.5

We spend the whole night planning what we were going to do, but I was still nervous about the plans for the day. There were so many things that everyone wanted to do. We had to go pick up something from Marymar’s house, rush to a Ride the Ducks tour, eat, and go to the MoPOP (née EMP) in Seattle.

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07/26/17 – I Felt Bad for My Mom

Today’s TV

  • Nothing!

I started the day by going to the dentist. We didn’t really have anything big planned for the day, so I’d scheduled my appointments. I had my teeth cleaned at 8 am and got back home at around the time that Erica woke up. We played Mario Kart for a little before I had an orthodontist’s appointment.

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07/22/17 – She Really Hates Trolls

Today’s TV

  • Nothing!

Today was a wild day in Seattle. Slowly, we all woke up and got ready to go. Even my parents came! We’d tried to plan out our trip, and the plan was to go to see the Fremont troll, go to Gas Works park, go to Pike Place, see Rebel Wilson, and go to the Bite of Seattle.

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07/21/17 – I Love Heights

Today’s TV

  • Descendants 2

  • Raven’s Home 1.1

At around 8:30 am, Erica and I woke up to eat breakfast. We were volunteering at the animal shelter at 10 and had to get up to get ready and eat. Dione was already awake; she’d been waking up at around 5 am every morning, so we all ate cereal together. At around 9:30, Erica and I left for the shelter.

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07/20/17 – The Queen of Packing

Today’s TV

  • After the Ball

There was only one thing on our to do list today: the outlet mall. My cousins can shop. My sister didn’t want to go to the outlet, though, so we left her at home. Well, she had violin lessons, so she conveniently had an excuse to not go. We didn’t really have a list of things that we wanted to buy, so I knew that we’d be at the outlet for a long time.

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07/18/17 – T-T-T-TARGET

Today’s TV

  • America’s Got Talent 12.8

  • World of Dance 1.7

Erica, Eunice, and I woke up at around 8 am and found out that Dione had already been up for around 3 hours. For some reason, she’d woken up at around 5 am and didn’t know what to do with herself. She’d already worked out and taken a cold bath before we even got up. She even heard my mom leave for work from her room and thought someone was breaking in. Anyway, when Erica, Eunice and I woke up, the four of us went downstairs to eat breakfast.

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07/17/17 – He Could Hear Our Karaoke from His House

Today’s TV

  • The Price is Right

I came downstairs at 9 am and it was pretty quiet. Erica and I ate breakfast together before I started studying. Our cousins, DJ and Dione, were still asleep because they were super jet-lagged.

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07/07/17 – I Don’t Know Where She Puts It All

Today’s TV

  • Arrow 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5

Erica and I stopped by our neighbor’s house to water her flowers before we went to volunteer at the animal shelter. There was some traffic, and I was annoyed about it because we were already running late. We’re supposed to start volunteering at 10 am, but we got there at exactly at 10 and still had to walk in, so we started a little late.

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