07/08/17 – I Think He Just Felt Bad for Them

Today’s TV

  • Arrow 2.6, 2.7, 2.8, 2.9
  • Cash Cab
  • Family Feud

My mom’s friends were staying at our house, and they’d decided the night before that they wanted to go crabbing. My dad researched where to crab and found out that they could do it at a nearby beach. They left our house at 7 am to go crabbing, but Erica and I didn’t wake up until later. I woke up at around 8 and scrolled on my phone while laying in bed.

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06/09/17 – SOUNDS FAKE, DAD

Today’s TV

  • The Price is Right 45.182
  • The Flash 3.10, 3.11, 3.12, 3.13
  • Masterchef 8.2

After my usual morning struggle with my sleep-self, I went downstairs to watch TV. I had to go check on my mom’s godmother, Susan, but I wanted to watch The Price is Right first. After finishing the show, I was planning on leaving right away, but my dad said he had some errands to run and he offered to drive me to Susan’s house.

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