05/21/17 – Boiling Point

Today’s TV

  • Mommy Dead and Dearest
  • Creep

Since it’s Sunday, my entire family went to the church by our house to volunteer. Erica teaches kindergarten, while my parents and I watch the kids in the “VIP” room – children of other volunteers who have to stay at church all day. I colored a cute picture of a cat while the two sisters I was sitting with raced to finish crafts. My mom made bacon for the kids and also brought string cheese. I thought it was a weird combination, but I guess it worked. One little girl ate so much bacon and also took a lot of string cheese. She ended up leaving the string cheese on the floor and lying about leaving it on the floor. My mom also left to go get coffee and took a suspiciously long time doing it. One of the sisters is really into gymnastics and she wanted to do some skills with me. Honestly, she’s going to be better than I am in like a year, so soon I’ll just be watching her do gymnastics instead of doing it with her.

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Stone vs. Ore

In playing Settles of Catan, I typically say “ore” and my sister typically says “stone.” I mocked her once about saying stone, and now she mocks herself (LOL). So, in honor of the mocking Spongebob meme, I made this in like 5 minutes earlier while she was setting up the game.